EXPERIENCE MOLDOVA – a taste of Moldovan musical culture (& wine).

‘Moldovan ethnic music on tour’ – Berlin May 13th, Stockholm May 15th, London May 16th. Why? Moldova is Europe’s least known and least visited international travel destination. Perhaps not surprisingly given the lack of tourist hordes, Moldova has a genuine, unaffected and vibrant, folk culture, celebrated in costume, cuisine and the arts, but especially in […]

Challenging Western Travel Media to broaden their horizons

In May of 2013 , Mark Baker , a Lonely Planet writer, visited Moldova for the first time, he traveled with the Moldova Holiday team from CEED. He visited Chisinau, Old Orhei, Transdnistria, Palanca, Purcari, Varteley and Cricova. Mark was impressed by what he saw, (see the paragraph –  ‘An eye opener’). He thought it […]

Wandering Chisinau

Losing yourself in a city – indefinitely following only your footsteps and your traveler’s instinct – is perhaps the best way to discover a city and perhaps gain that idea of what it means to belong. As you wander around, you inevitably draw that sense of familiarity closer – when you no longer need maps […]